Femi and the Mindfulness Machine: A Breath of Fresh Air for Anxious Minds
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Femi and the Mindfulness Machine: A Breath of Fresh Air for Anxious Minds

by Kelly Nicholls on Apr 11, 2024

Flo Fielding's "Femi and the Mindfulness Machine" is a charming picture book that tackles childhood anxiety in a relatable and empowering way.

The story follows Femi, a bright young boy who's excited to show off his wind machine for Science Day. However, worries about its functionality and his presentation skills begin to gnaw at him, causing nervousness and self-doubt.

Fortunately, Femi has his wise Grandma by his side. Recognising his anxiety, she introduces him to the concept of mindfulness through a simple breathing exercise and a playful activity with bubbles. These techniques equip Femi with tools to calm his nerves and approach Science Day with a newfound sense of confidence.

What Makes it Work

  • Normalization of Anxiety: The book beautifully captures the experience of childhood anxiety, making it relatable to young readers who might struggle with similar worries.
  • Simple Mindfulness Techniques: Grandma's introduction to mindfulness is clear and actionable. The focus on breathing and blowing bubbles provides an easy-to-understand approach that kids can incorporate into their own lives.
  • Celebration of Science and Creativity: While mindfulness is the main focus, the story also celebrates Femi's scientific curiosity and creativity in building his wind machine.
  • Diverse Representation: Featuring a Black protagonist is a refreshing aspect, allowing children of colour to see themselves reflected in the story.

Who Should Read It

"Femi and the Mindfulness Machine" is a valuable resource for parents and educators looking for ways to introduce children to mindfulness practices. It's a warm and reassuring story that validates children's anxieties while equipping them with tools to manage them. The book is ideal for children aged 3-5 and can be a great conversation starter about emotions, self-calming techniques, and the importance of staying positive.

Its the first book in the Woke Babies book in collaboration with DK