Smart Senses Series

An exploration of how each of our five senses transforms

our understanding of the world

in this board book series.

Woke Babies partners with DK

Woke Babies is thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with DK, the world-renowned publisher of educational books for children! Together, we're on a mission to empower young minds with engaging and informative stories. Our partnership reflects our mutual commitment to diversity and creativity in children's literature.

Our partnership has created: the 'Smart Senses Series' and 'Femi and the Mindfulness Machine'. The Smart Senses Series delves into the five senses in captivating and interactive ways. The journey begins with "Seeing Big, Seeing Small," which explores the sense of sight. This book illustrates that sight provides a unique window to the world, highlighting how everyone—from newborns opening their eyes for the first time to children navigating visual impairments—sees differently. It celebrates the uniqueness of each perspective. "Big Noise, Little Noise" engages the sense of hearing with vibrant illustrations and bold text that bring to life both loud and soft sounds. It emphasizes that whether one has typical hearing, hearing impairments, or is deaf, these experiences enrich one's understanding of the world.

Our Smart Senses Series is is written by Flo Fielding and illustrated by Jayri Gomez

"Femi and the Mindfulness Machine" introduces mindfulness and emotional awareness through the adventures of Femi, a diligent boy who sometimes finds himself overwhelmed by anxiety. One evening, as Femi presents his wind machine to his Grandma, it malfunctions, causing his anxiety to surge. Through Femi's story, the book addresses common childhood fears, encouraging young readers to face and manage their anxieties. This collaboration with Woke Babies aims to normalize these feelings and offer coping strategies through engaging storytelling and vivid illustrations. Ideal for children aged 3-5, this picture book also subtly incorporates elements of science, making it a perfect tool for teaching mindfulness and emotional resilience.

Femi and the Mindfulness Machine is written by Flo Fielding and illustrated by Sawyer Cloud.