by Amara Lawrence on Jan 04, 2023

digital illustrations of frederick douglas, barak obama, oprah winfrey on a blue background

This is an inspirational biography book, paving the way and sparking a change for a brighter future for our children of today. I love the way, it ranges from different black role models both male and female, like the first black president Barack Obama to Martin Luther king Jr who is an African American Baptist minister who became the most visible, influential spokesperson and leader in the American civil rights movement.

The book has illustrations and colour that keeps us engaged and is jammed packed full of information. The book summarises the achievements of each individual, so that we can reap the rewards today and forever.

Being Black is beautiful and this book helps to empower, educate and improve our knowledge of the past and remind young kids and sometimes adults that we can do anything no matter our skin colour; just as how these individuals saw the bigger picture and believed that there is a place for everyone in this world.

I really hope that you consider this educational book about our ancestors and what they have done but even more importantly what we can do to improve and further the works of many talented black people.

Our children are the voices of tomorrow and this book proves just that. Learning about Black history is important not just for Black people but all races as it educates us of the past but also helps to try and stop racism that still occurs today. Knowing the past helps to open the door to the future. 


hand drawn illustration of five black women on white background



Vashti Harrison is the incredible author of the series Little Leaders and an absolutely talented illustrator, that depicts Black women as strong beautiful women that never give up and of course are queens. Her work ranges from the awarding winning books like Sulwe and the educational Little Leaders series.

I love how her work is very detailed in describing what the talented bold women have achieved for the future generations and most especially the freedom and recognition women and black people deserve. It portrays all the important black women, like Harriet Tubman an American abolitionist and political activist who was born into slavery but made it her mission to rescue other enslaved family and friends into a safe house, to Bessie Coleman who is the first black woman to hold a pilot license.

It is so important that we educate our younger children about the trials and tribulations that each woman had to face in order for us to have freedom and how they have led us into victory. It shows that we can be beautiful black queens in any profession and take lead.

The book contains important quotes that we can all dwell on every single day and keep us motivated. A quote from Bessie Coleman ‘I have made up my mind to try, I tried, and I was successful.’ Happy reading beautiful queens!

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Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements of African Americans and recognizing their central role in U.S history, but it is extended past just Americans, as we appreciate Black people all over the world for going against the norm and standing out.
This colouring book talks about prominent figures like Queen Nanny and how she led a group of formally enslaved Africans to the marrons and a famous quote from her is ‘I am fearless and bold’. An inspirational quote that children can use as their inspiration every single day.

I wish there was more information provided about the stories of their life. However, it is a fun activity to engage in and it will encourage you to learn more about the Black history with the other recommended best books to teach children about Black history.


Happy reading!


Written  by: Josephine