Pre Teen- Boy Protagonist books

Pre Teen- Boy Protagonist books

by Adrienne Thomas on May 26, 2023

Looking for books that have a boy lead?
Then look no further, These 2 amazing books can be found in our bookshop online.



The Breakfast Club Adventures - The Beast and Beyond - By The football icon Marcus Rashford.

There's something fishy going on at school . . .

When twelve-year-old Marcus kicks his favourite football over the school fence, he knows he's never getting it back.
Nothing that goes over that wall ever comes back. But when Marcus gets a mysterious note inviting him to join the Breakfast Club Investigators, he is soon pulled into an exciting adventure with his new mates Stacey, Lise and Asim to find out what is lurking on the other side of the fence – and get his football back! 





Pig Heart Boy - By the Amazingly talented Malorie Blackman

This book has been remade with all new illustrations by Ana Latese

Cameron is thirteen, and all he wants is a 'normal' life - friends, swimming, school, family.
But his life is far from normal. Not every thirteen-year-old desperately needs a new heart because theirs doesn't work properly.
Finally, one doctor offers hope.
Cameron could - if he and his parents agree - take part in a radical and controversial procedure involving the transplant of a pig's heart into his human body.
It's risky. And it's never been done before . . .
While Cameron comes to terms with the idea, he finds the world around him is much less accepting.
But surely everyone will understand that it's better to have a pig's heart that works than a human heart that doesn't - won't they . . .?