by Amara Lawrence on Jan 09, 2023

At Woke Babies, children are at the heart of everything we do, we value their opinions on our books and how these books inspire and empower them. Our new book review corner is written by children for children and we are delighted to be kickstarting this with Joseph and Lily from Glorious Reads. They read Mark Powers and Dapo Adeola’s second book from their incredible series, Space Detectives: Extra Weird Creatures.

This is the second book in the hilarious series of mystery adventures set in space written by Mark Powers and illustrated by Dapo Adeola. 

Leading on from the first book, the two boys Connor and Ethan now have their very own fancy Space Detectives office in Starville, the world’s first orbiting space city. They spend their days solving the problems of Starville’s inhabitants, which sounds exciting, but their most recent mysteries have been a bit uneventful. All this changes when the people and animals of Starville begin growing extra heads, arms, legs and tails! What would you do if you woke up with an extra head? How about 4 extra noses?

The book follows the junior detectives as they set out to solve the mystery with lots of cosmic fun and laughs along the way. Their unique skills are put to the test as their investigation takes them zooming through the city to sniff out the villains cooking up mischief. Using a mix of brains, luck, sheer determination (and a hoover scooter) the boys find themselves in perilous predicaments throughout the book. Can they get to the bottom of the mystery? Will they survive? Will Ethan ever get rid of his extra four noses? Read the book to find out!

Space Detectives: Extra Weird Creatures is an exciting and funny book that kept us guessing until the very end. As Connor and Ethan try to figure out what’s happening and who is responsible, we meet lots of quirky characters like a melancholy pig playing the piano, an android receptionist and the ruthless tiger CEO of FluffyCorp. 

Dapo Adeola’s remarkable illustrations complemented the story and gave life to the words and characters on the page. You need to read this book to see the piano playing pig alone!

Space Detectives is a tale of wit, mystery, teamwork, laughs and everything in between. We found ourselves literally laughing out loud at the shenanigans as we followed the two mystery-solving boys along in their latest space adventure.

With lots of spectacular space creatures, a marvellous friendship duo and lots of cosmic twists and turns, Space Detectives is a must read.

Review by Joseph and Lily at Glorious Reads