3 quick reasons reading to newborns is so important

3 quick reasons reading to newborns is so important

by Kelly Nicholls on Jan 12, 2023

It is never too early to start reading to your baby! Reading to your newborn helps them build a strong bond with you and encourages development in many areas. Here’s why reading should be part of your daily routine with a newborn.

Early Language Development
Reading aloud to your newborn helps them develop an understanding of language and the meaning of words. They don’t understand what you are saying, but they can start connecting the sound of your voice with the shape and size of the words. This sparks their interest in language, which is one of the most important skills a child can learn. Even though it may seem like you’re just making funny noises, your baby is learning valuable skills that will help them communicate more effectively later on in life.

Building A Bond With Your Baby
Reading aloud to your newborn also provides a great opportunity for bonding between parent and child. The simple act of speaking to and cuddling up with your baby while reading creates an emotional connection that strengthens the relationship between you two and increases positive feelings. Furthermore, this closeness will make it easier for them to talk to you when they become older because they will already have formed a bond with you from all those times spent reading together when they were little!

Encouraging Imagination & Creativity
Reading aloud to babies encourages imaginative thinking and helps spark their creativity. Through stories, babies begin to understand how things work in different contexts and get exposed to new ideas that might not exist in their everyday lives yet. This allows them to expand their understanding of the world around them, further developing their understanding as they get older. Additionally, stories also provide great teaching moments for parents as they can explain concepts like empathy or kindness through characters in stories, helping children relate these lessons better than if taught through direct instruction alone.

Reading aloud is important for all babies but especially those who are newborns as it helps create a strong bond between parent and child while encouraging language development, imagination, and creativity! Reading time should be fun for both baby and parent alike; so choose stories that both enjoy or try something different every now and then—it’ll keep things interesting for everyone involved! Make sure that whatever book you choose has large texts so it’s easy for little eyes (and hands) to explore as well! All these benefits mentioned above come from just 15 minutes per day; so make sure that this becomes part of your daily routine with your baby! Not only will these moments shared together be cherished memories but also important steps towards building a foundation of success for years ahead!