How to make reading fun

How to make reading fun

by Adrienne Thomas on Apr 21, 2023

Reading is a crucial skill that opens up a world of knowledge and imagination. However, many people, especially children, may not enjoy reading due to the misconception that reading is a boring activity. In this blog, we will discuss some fun and interactive ideas that people can use to make reading enjoyable.

  1. Use different tones of voice: One of the best ways to make reading fun is to use different tones of voice while reading aloud. Changing your tone of voice can help to bring the story to life and make it more engaging. For example, you can use a deep voice for a villain, a high-pitched voice for a fairy, or a soft voice for a lullaby.
  2. Use props: Using props can make reading more interactive and fun. You can use props such as puppets, stuffed animals, or action figures to act out scenes from the story. Props can help to make the story more visual and easier to understand, especially for young children.
  3. Incorporate interactive ideas: Adding interactive ideas can make reading a more engaging and enjoyable experience. You can ask your child questions about the story, such as what they think will happen next or how they feel about a particular character. You can also ask them to draw pictures or act out scenes from the story.
  4. Choose books based on interests: Choosing books based on your interests can make reading more enjoyable. If you or your child loves superheroes, choose books about superheroes. Choosing books based on interests can help to spark curiosity and enthusiasm for reading.
  5. Create a reading nook: Creating a reading nook can make reading a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. You can create a cozy and comfortable space with pillows, blankets, and a reading lamp. This can help to create a peaceful atmosphere and make reading more appealing.

In conclusion, making reading fun is essential to developing a love for reading. By using different tones of voice, props, interactive ideas, choosing books based on interests, and creating a reading nook, reading can become an enjoyable activity that people look forward to. These fun and interactive ideas can help to foster a love for reading that can last a lifetime.